Luiz F. C. Meister

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Luiz F. C. Meister
OAB/SC 28.085 and OAB/PR 65.676
  • Graduated in Public Management from the Universidade do Oeste Catarinense (2007)
  • Bachelor of Laws from the Jaraguá do Sul University Center - Catholic of Santa Catarina (2008)
  • MBA in People Management from the International University (2008)
  • Postgraduate in Constitutional Law from FAMART (2019)
  • Master's student in Legal Culture at the Universitat de Girona - Spain (2018-2020)
  • Professor of Law at the University of Contestado (2017-2019)


  • Private Law: Franchises, Real Estate Law, Banking Law, Civil Liability, Business Law, Judicial Recovery and Bankruptcy.
  • Public Law: Administrative.