Évora Castanho

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Évora Castanho

OAB/PR - nº 101.594
  • Bachelor of Laws from Centro Universitário Curitiba - UNICURITIBA
  • Postgraduate Student in Civil Procedure by ABDConst - Brazilian Academy of Constitutional Law


  • Private Law: Civil Law, Bankruptcy Law, Consumer Law, Family Law, Franchising, Civil Liability, Law 11.340 of 2006 and Disciplinary Administrative Procedure

Books / Articles

  • Publication of the text "Networks and Power in the International System: Private Military Companies - a new concept of War", on the official blog of International Relations at UNICURITIBA, on the website: internationalizese.blogspot.com.br- 2017
  • Publication in the journal of the State University of Londrina, Geographia Opportuno Tempore, v. 3, n. 3, p. 36 - 48, 2017, of the article “A study of Brazil's foreign policy before and after independence: the interests and motivations of Brazil in acting in the Cisplatin and Contestado Wars”, co-author - 2017
  • Development of the article “Private Military Company: the conceptual and legal paradigm in the analysis of its performance” - 2018
  • Publication of the expanded summary “The Application of Mediation Technique and the Nuances of Wittgenstein's Theory of Language”, at the 10th UNICURITIBA Research and Scientific Initiation Symposium - 2018
  • Publication of the article “Restrictive Judicial Decision of Popular Sovereignty”, in the book “Guardiania Judicial: between legal security and politics”, co-author, Appris editor, Curitiba - 2018
  • Publication of the article “Online mediation and the importance of the lawyer”, on the website migalhas.com - 2019