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Structurally it is organized in departments that cover areas of National and International Private Law, as well as special segments of Public Law.

In Private Law, we work in the contractual area (civil, commercial and consumer), corporate, civil liability, labor, trademarks and patents, industrial property, copyright and family law.

In the Public Law sector, we practice the law in administrative and litigious processes, public competitions, economic law of the competition, electoral, corporate criminal and tax.

The company is dedicated to the business activity, in this plan conducting consulting, preventive and litigation advocacy for companies in various sectors of the economy (service providers in general, national airlines, food industries, contractors, carriers, technology, automotive industry, etc.).

Preventive advocacy ranges from mere consultations, acting in public bodies of the direct and indirect administration and even in moving abroad, to follow up on issues of contractual and business deals.

We act in the constitution and dissolution of companies: civil and commercial societies (of people and anonymous).

We also work in the Corporate Criminal area.